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The Eyes of Ara

Solve elaborate puzzles, locate lost treasures, explore hidden volts, and unravel an ancient mystery. · By 100 Stones Interactive


Recent updates

Version 1.5 Update
What's this, a new patch for The Eyes of Ara? That's right! Patch 1.5 is now live, and with it comes a few optimizations and improvements: FPS Limiter A new Lim...
2 files
Patch 1.4 - The Explorer’s Journal
Patch 1.4 is now live, and with it comes a handy new and often requested feature - the Explorer's Journal . Whenever you read a book/note/PC/etc, a copy of it...
2 files — 1.4.0
Merry Mysteries
‘Tis the season for merry holiday mysteries! Tinsel hangs from the banisters, fairy lights illuminate the darkened halls, and carefully wrapped gifts await w...
2 files — 1.3.1

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