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The fate of a world echoes across the stars. A cryptic signal reaches out through the void, beckoning you to a world of ancient alien megastructures - a beautiful, awe-inspiring sight devoid of even a single sign of life.

Towering monuments and scattered relics are all that remain of an advanced alien species lost aeons ago in a great cataclysm. Explore the deserted remnants of their world in a quest to discover the source of the calamity and uncover the fate of a doomed civilization.

Colossal machines begin to wake as you solve mind-bending puzzles and take command of powerful alien technology. Manipulate physics-defying energies, esoteric holographic terminals, and more to bend the labyrinthian environments to your will. Find lost relics, collect fragmented memories, and brave unknown perils to unravel the history of a lost civilization in Memory’s Reach, a cosmic sci-fi adventure.

Exploration-Based Puzzle Gameplay

Solve complex puzzles and acquire powerful items to open new pathways through the planet’s monolithic towers and cavernous interiors. Floating platforms, shifting walls, and other bizarre mechanisms form massive, interconnected puzzle rooms. Recognize shapes, patterns, and logical connections while thinking vertically, horizontally, and abstractly.

Experience a Striking Alien World

Adventure to serene floating cities, immense underground structures, perilous orbital space stations, and more. Memory’s Reach features beautiful, hand-crafted environments, rendered in dramatic, otherworldly art.

Solve a Cosmic Mystery

Aeons ago a cataclysmic event brought an end to an advanced civilization. As an intrepid space adventurer, find the fragmented memories and inscrutable hieroglyphs that recount the history of this once prosperous world, and hunt down the lost relics that are key to uncovering the truth behind the world’s destruction - and perhaps prevent it from happening again!

Memory's Reach is the second title from indie studio 100 Stones Interactive, and is currently in pre-alpha. You can Wishlist the game right now on Steam, and follow our Dev Log on itch for updates as the game develops!

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